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Have you heard our Radio Ads?

This year, the Committee was very excited to be able to produce radio ads in addition to the TV ad and billboards. The Radio Ads focus on the same theme of our Tv Ad, "Littering is Stupid."

The ads were professionally produced by Summit Media and aired on local radio stations, Birmingham Mountain Radio and Birmingham Jamz. Three versions of the same message were created which featured various sponsors. The goal of this advertising was to target the audience while in their car to properly dispose of their items in lieu of littering given that littering along Jefferson County roadways is harmful to our communities and environment. Informing people about the negative impacts of littering is an important component in litter prevention. Summit Media also coordinated a social media story and post about this campaign and an on air interview announcing the video competition winners on Birmingham Mountain Radio.

The Committee would like to thank student Brianna from Hoover High School for her talented voice over of the ad! She is a natural! Take a listen at this link below.

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