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What is a Watershed?

A watershed is a land area in which all waters flow to a common waterway--rivers, creeks, and streams. 

Everyone lives in a watershed. Just because you don't live directly next to a stream, creek, river, or other body of water doesn't mean you are off the hook. "Think Downstream!" Any litter that is left on roads or lawns wash away into our storm drains, which drain to our local streams, rivers, and lakes. Neither basins nor watersheds follow state or municipal boundaries. Pollution in Jefferson County can effect the water quality of the Gulf of Mexico. Think twice before you leave your litter behind. 

A sub-basin is a geological land basin formed within or as part of another larger basin. Basins contain several other sub-basins in which water drains to first. Within these sub-basins are local watersheds. 
Jefferson County has 10 Major Watersheds: Black Warrior River, Locust Fork, Cahaba River, Five Mile Creek, Gurley Creek, Little Cahaba River, Shades Creek, Turkey Creek, Valley Creek and Village Creek. The biggest is
 Valley Creek. 
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