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The Video Competition is a litter abatement project for public high schools within watershed basins. It employs a video competition to engage the students and, by extension their families and communities, in efforts to reduce litter along their roadsides and in their streams. This competition is offered and open to all public high schools located within Jefferson County regardless of school system. The Litter Quitters Committee will provide participating high schools with presentations explaining the causes and effects of litter, promoting involvement in existing roadside and creekside cleanup programs, and explaining the video competition. Those schools who have submitted their participation form will allow their students to submit anti-litter videos to their school’s Project Coordinator who will choose one video to submit in the competition.

Each school’s video will be posted on this website during a 12 day time frame. The 3 videos  in each sub-basin receiving the most "likes" will win monetary prizes for their schools. The prizes are awarded to the schools allowing them to utilize it as they see fit. 


When our media partners allow, the Committee will also coordinate a media day in which students will be recorded for a special PSA commercial to be aired later in the year. This PSA will feature one student (selected by the school coordinator) from each participating school. The Committee hopes this will enable students to become change agents within their spheres of influence while increasing awareness of the problems with roadside litter across Jefferson County. It also aims to enhance education and outreach activities already taking place in the each watersheds.

If your school is interested in participating, contact our committee to find out more information and who your school liaison on our committee will be. 

Hear why teachers and students love this project, straight from them!

 Teacher Abby Jaillet, Clay Chalkville HS 

Schools are separated into three different watershed zones: North, East, and West. 

Each watershed zone will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. 

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This year, we are launching another unique way you can get involved helping us spread the word to put trash in its proper place! If you are aged 14 to 22 and live in or attend a school in Jefferson County, you can create your own anti-littering video message using your tik tok account. Submit your video between July 1 to 15th to compete for TWO $100 prizes: 1 for likes and 1 for best content. Compete individually for all the prize money or team up with a friend to split it! 

Download the competition entry form and full rules below, and contact our Committee Chair to indicate your participation. Entry forms MUST be turned in by the deadline in order for your video to be eligible for judging. If you're under 18, you MUST have a parent signature. 




Contact our administering agency for more information about the Watershed Video Project and the Litter Quitters Campaign.

Jefferson County Conservation District 

P- (205) 565 2650 / E- 

Download the 2021 Presentation below

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