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Have you seen our billboards?

For the past few years, the Committee has been able to work closely with Mashburn Outdoor. Their three digital billboards are located on I-65 southbound near the Greensprings exit, I-65 northbound near the Greensprings exit, and on Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. South near Vulcan Park. The billboards in these locations are viewed by thousands of motorists each day.

Check our our 2021 billboards below!

Don’t Feed the Litter Gitter. Be a Litter Quitter!

OK, so what exactly is a Litter Gitter? It’s basically the last line of defense for catching litter before it is carried through creeks and rivers, and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico. This flexible structure and cage float on the water and catch litter floating along in the creek. The cage is periodically cleaned out so that it can trap more litter. But really, how sad is it that this even has to be installed since everyone has 100% control on how much litter winds up on the ground and is washed to our waterways? So, the billboard is asking people to stop sending trash to the Litter Gitter, and instead properly dispose of it.

Be a Litter Quitter! Properly Dispose of Your Trash!

Which leads us to this billboard which shows proper disposal of would-be litter. Holding onto food wrappers, cups, and other similar items until you get home, or to a trash can in a park, or until you stop at a gas station with trash cans next to the pump, should be a no brainer. But we hope that showing this proper behavior will remind people how easy doing the right thing really is. And really, when you think about it, it’s the smart choice, not the stupid choice.

Next time you're driving around any of these locations, take a minute to stop and view our billboards!


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